Bucket filling machine


TypeSquareFill 1000
MarqueVan der Poel
De stacking unit Included
Power in Watts 0,18 kW
Control PLC
Type bucket/barrel Suitable for various buckets types
Control Control panel
Maximum capacity Approximately 1000 buckets per hour
Liter counter Included
Metering pump Included
Discharge conveyor Included
Power supply 400 V, 3 phases, earth, 50 Hz

How it works:
This automatic bucket filler has a supply buffer belt where the stacks of buckets are set up. The supply belt is exactly at floor height of auction carts, which prevents heavy lifting works of the stacks of buckets!
The buckets are autom. destacked and autom. filled with the set cc of water and chrysal. Then the filled buckets are removed one by one and collected on a roller conveyor
The bucket filler is now suitable for 588 buckets, but can also be adapted for 577 buckets
Other bucket types: on request


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